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Dear Valued Friend,

Haven of the Heart Foundation is a non-profit organisation relying on donations to provide hope and a helping hand to abused, abandoned, neglected children, the homeless and destitute. Things can change in an instant. Have you experienced change in your life suddenly with a single event…?
We have witnessed many children and destitute people who have lost their way and who have no sense of direction or hope. Many have not experienced or had anyone nurturing or responsible enough to teach, guide or chastise them in love let alone support them financially. Many of these individuals go to bed, “If they are fortunate to have one.” on an empty stomach and awaken each day feeling as though their life has no meaning, direction, love, joy, nor peace… leaving them feeling utterly hopeless with no plans for the future.
A great deal of these children and adults rummage through waste for their next meal or in the hope of finding things to sell to survive! When one is faced with these truths…one is quick to say SOMEBODY should do SOMETHING about these poor children and the destitute!
The truth of the matter is that when we judge people, we feel less of an obligation to suffer with and for them. When we judge and pigeon hole people, we cease to pay attention to them. We do not look beyond the labels to see the uniqueness of the particular individual.
We are after all…each and every one of us…a person of substance, of flesh and bone, fibre and liquids, and a mind, we were all born for a purpose…yet many people remain invisible simply because others refuse to see them for who they really are. By changing our thinking…we not only change our world… but we change the world of those around us.
This is OUR moment…this is YOUR moment…to be that SOMEBODY…TOGETHER… we can either stand by and do nothing…OR…
We can act and do everything in our power to bring HOPE and lend a hand to the lives of these lost souls by providing them with lifelong guidance and education, food, clothing, medical care and legal aid (case history to be reviewed and approved by the directors).
There is a need, we have an opportunity to act, and that is where I believe we are today! United we can make a difference and provide these children and the destitute with hope for a brighter future…
Give from your heart, help change lives through partnership and provide HOPE today!

Listed below are the outreaches closest to our hearts that provide opportunities for us to make a difference in the lives for people in need that we would like to share with you…
Feeding - Providing hope to the hungry
Rescue Children - Providing hope and legal assistance to the helpless (Case history to be reviewed and approved by the directors.
Medical & Dental - Providing hope to the sick
Educational/Motivational Material – Providing hope to the poor
General Fund – Help set up community recreational centre
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